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Our Commitment to Offer the Best Rice

Our specially selected rice is raised with fresh spring water from Mt. Norikura and cooked in a traditional cooking stove, kamado.

The Hida region has rich conditions to raise high quality rice. For example, we have fertile land, snow-melt water, and a temperature difference between day and night. These conditions help farmers raise plump, sticky rice that is rich in flavor.


Hida-Koshihikari is raised with clear water of the Hida region which is rich in nature. This fact helps the rice become plump, sticky, and chewy, which makes the rice unique and delicious.


It is Hida-region’s brand beef. It is a black-haired Japanese cattle breed which is raised in Gifu prefecture for at least 14 months. It has to have a firmness and texture grade of 3 or higher(3,4,and5)certified by the Japan Meat Grading Association and a yield score of Grade A or B certified by the Hida Beef Brand Promotion Conference. It has fine marbling, natural sweetness, and tenderness. The secret of this delicious meat is the clear water and air of the Hida region, where the cattle is raised.

Japanese Restaurant Tenaga Ashinaga

Japanese Restaurant Tenaga Ashinaga

In Takayama, known as a Little Kyoto, we opened a restaurant, Tenaga-Ashinaga, where you can relax and enjoy the cuisine that we offer. The name, Tenaga-Ashinaga, originates from a couple gods in the Japanese mythology. We hope to provide a place where you will have a great time with your partner and friends, or meet someone special. Please enjoy the atmosphere and seasonal cuisine available only here. We hope your time with us will be special.

The beef we offer here at Japanese Restaurant Tenaga Ashinaga is Hida-gyu. In order to enhance its flavor, we use specially selected Hida-Koshihikari, a kind of rice which will bring extra flavor to the beef dishes. This plump rice has extra stickiness and extra chewiness, which gives a wonderful texture. It is cooked in a traditional way in a kamado, a Japanese cooking stove.

Japanese Restaurant Tenaga Ashinaga


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